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Garland Science: The thymus contributes fewer cells as a person ages. A unique feature of T cells is their ability to discriminate between healthy and abnormal e.

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Further information: Recently, Treg17 cells have been added to this list. NFAT is a transcription factor t cells mature in activates the transcription of a pleiotropic set of genes, most notable, IL-2, a cytokine that promotes long-term proliferation of activated T cells. Their major role is to shut down T cell-mediated immunity toward the end of an immune reaction and to suppress autoreactive T cells that escaped the process of bella marino selection in the thymus. Effector cells are the superset of all the various T cell types that actively respond immediately to a stimulus, such as co-stimulation.

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Journal of Immunology. Once activated, they divide rapidly and secrete small proteins called cytokines that regulate or assist in the active immune response. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. For example, cytotoxic T cells have been shown to become activated when targeted by other CD8 T cells leading to tolerization of the latter. Cancer of T cells is termed T-cell lymphomaand accounts for perhaps one in ten cases of non-Hodgkin anal video.

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T cells mature in
T cells mature in
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